Guerilla Kitchen Nijmegen

Since end of 2014 Guerilla Kitchen is fighting foodwaste in Amsterdam in a peaceful way, by saving fruit and vegetables from being wasted. In the beginning skipping bins was something that we did as entertainment and providing for ourselves, but realizing we can share this with so many other people has changed our perspective and our actions.  But now it has come to Nijmegen as well!


With the help of our community of volunteers and supporters we can maintain and prepare tasty meals for anybody who wants it.


While we like to believe that somehow we are counterbalancing capitalism, mainly we like to give an affordable option for everybody to have a lovely meal out. We don’t believe that you need money to have a happy life, we do believe in community. Helping and supporting each other while we are on Mother Earth, (ab-)using her is something that we do not stand for.  That’s why we naturally gravitated to this approach, we live on what other people don’t want to buy or trow out. We make it into something delicious and our fans gives donations for it. We feel like this is a fair trade.


You give what you can. You give whatever feels right. We know, it’s pretty hard sometimes to make that estimate. But maybe it helps you to get an idea of what we do with the money. 100% goes back into social projects, like cooking for undocumented people from We Are Here, we are setting up our own chain of Free Supermarkets (costs are freezers, petrol and power). Besides that we used are donating money to help out our friends from Aid Delivery Mission and Made in Limboland.