Kick-off cinema in the Klinker! Next movie soon!

Kick-off cinema in the Klinker! Next movie soon!

!!!Our next screening is at wednesday 28th, 20:00 @ De Klinker (more info)!!!disobedience

The first movie screening since long time was a great evening. Although it was hot inside and outside of the Klinker the cinema was packed with people. We kicked off this new regular screening (every second Wednesday after soupcafé) with DISOBEDIENCE – a movie about climate change and brave people that resist big industry polluters all over the world.

The movie showed activists from Turkey, Germany, Canada, the United States and many more places. All in all, it became clear that people are resisting everywhere and that even small actions can disrupt and stop the systemic exploitation of the earth’s resources. We are not defending nature, we are nature defending itself. And a lot of people put their body on the lines, until here and no further.



berendonckAfterwards we discussed about the possibilities of local actions. Are there big polluters here, is there an industry that we can fight in the name of a better future? Pretty fast the discussion moved towards the Berendonck, a near recreational area that is facing destruction. A lot of trees, meadows and lakes have to make place for a mega-sauna and 800 parking lots.

There is a clear need for resistance here and the people that are active ask for support. Although a lot of people are dedicated they need more support, skills, connections and skills. If you want to help just visit them on their page Vrienden van den Berendonck (and Facebook) or go to the regular meetings every Wednesday.

For anybody who is interested in environmental activism we can also strongly recommend the GroenFront! collective. Check out their website ( or attend one of their monthly meetings (every first sunday of the month.



Our next screening will be next week after soupcafé at 20:00 in the Klinker. We will show THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD (click here) – a great example of creative activism that really leaves the powerful speechless. After the movie the bar will still be open for a bit.