Majority Rule, Attack Robot Attack, Break Character

Majority Rule, Attack Robot Attack, Break Character

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Yes it is happening in our sweaty basement..get excited.

Majority Rule (US – Magic Bullet Records)

The band initially got their start in 1996 as a four-piece out of Northern Virginia. The earliest incarnation of the band cranked out various 7”s and splits while dialing in a particular sound and sonic approach that would come into full manifestation later. In fact, it wasn’t until the year 2000 (and trimming down to a three-piece) where the band truly came into their own with a 4-song demo that exemplified a unique sound that truly hadn’t been done before.Three of the songs from the 2000 demo were re-recorded for Interviews With David Frost, the band’s first proper full length and debut album for Magic Bullet Records. Songs like “At 3 AM,” “XOXO,” and “The Sin in Grey” immediately captured the fascination of Washington DC’s local punk, hardcore, and metal community and word began to spread nationally immediately upon the album’s release in 2001.

The next year marked one of the busiest years in MAJORITY RULE’s history. They reentered the studio to record a split album with fellow DC/VA area stalwarts PAGENINETYNINE. The two bands had did countless shows on the road together at this point, guested on each others’ track. The following year caught the band in full-swing, absolutely perfecting their brand of hardcore on 2003’s Emergency Numbers LP. The album captured the rarified air of being ungodly heavy while retaining peak urgency from song to song. Loops and delays were incorporated much more into the compositions while the almost black-metal-like vocals found a visceral level that’s just not often heard before, then, and now. Most impressively, the band had mastered tone at this point, be it in the studio, on a stage in front of 3000 people, or in a cramped basement full of 30 people.

Thirteen years later, conditions locally, nationally, and globally have exposed a fertile patch toward the resurrection of MAJORITY RULE, if for nothing else but to return to many of the stages and spaces they’ve performed in prior, and under the same exact ethics they held then and now, to raise awareness, funding, and goodwill toward individualized, local causes in each and every town they are set to perform in.

Attack Robot Attack (NL)

Failing miserably in their attempt at world domination (overthrowing world governments with big giant war robots, you know, the usual), the bass players of Brito and Grinding Halt settled for creating music in this bass-less drum/guitar two-piece.

Some call it noise rock. Some call it screamo. Some call it music. Some don’t. But it is what it is. And it is here.

Break Character (NL)

We started out in the beginning of 2010. Drawing on 90’s screamo, the early DC Revolution Summer sound and modern day punkrock, we pay tribute to intense and passionate music.

LAST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!