Bismut “Schwerpunkt” release party

Bismut “Schwerpunkt” release party

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Date(s) - za 24 november

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Bismut – Schwerpunkt (New Full Album) Bismut, instrumental psych desert metal since 2016. From explosive and experimental jam sessions in the caverns of the Nijmegen underground arose Bismut. Infinite jamming resulted in an oasis of psychedelic excesses, vicious riffing and heavily drawn-out grooves. After their debut performance in November 2016, the three guys played many kick-ass shows in the Netherlands and abroad. The performances of Bismut are dynamic, intense and straightforward. “Schwerpunkt”, Bismut’s first full-length featuring 4 long gems, is a solid representation of a vast moment in time. All tracks were recorded in one take, with no edits, completely DIY. You’ll listen to an extraordinarily honest musical encounter of three people playing, grooving and flowing to become one intuitive audio space vessel. Forty-two minutes of limitless, intertwined compositions to put the listener at ease while being dragged through daily life and all its curiosities.

support by the mighty space rockers from Mantra Machine