[Brown Note Booking] Den Der Hale (SE) ~ Nista (NL)

[Brown Note Booking] Den Der Hale (SE) ~ Nista (NL)

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Date(s) - do 30 mei - vr 31 mei
20:30 - 00:25

De Klinker


Den Der Hale (SE)     bandcamp
dɛn dæːr hɑːlɛ] / [dɛːn dæːʁ hæːle̝ː] Den Der Hale, which roughly translates to The Slippery One or That Tail,
depending on whether it is read in Swedish or Danish, is a five-piece post-psych band, based out of Malmö.


Nista (NL)     bandcamp
Nothing, hollow, empty. Come join us, step into the void. Let emptiness guide you. Dutch band post-metal,
based around Utrecht.


 Tickets available only at the door! (cash only)

Admission: €5 ~ 10.00 (proceeds go directly to the bands) .
Doors open: 20:30u     first band plays: 21.00u

Please bring cash. It also comes in handy for merchandise.
Not every band performing at “De Onderbroek” accepts card payments.
(We are unsure if they do or not, so for safety, bring some cash with you).

ATMs (‘Geldmaat’) in the area.

Within walking distance, you can locate them using your `Google Maps`, `Open Map`, or `Apple Maps` app, for example:
@ Albert Heijn, van Schevichavenstraat 3     ~2min  (Closed after 22:00u)
@ Molenpoort (molenstraat)     ~5min
@ Burchtstraat     ~5min
@ Keizer karel plein     ~7min