DIY-Fest: May 5th, 6th and 7th

DIY-Fest: May 5th, 6th and 7th

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Date(s) - do 5 mei - za 7 mei

De Onderbroek

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Last year was an absolute blast! So lets do it again, right?

3 days of really good music & bands, radical politics, delicious food, great dancepartys and nice people to celebrate autonome spaces and DIY culture.
It will be 3 days and i will try to post as much info on the website.

Again this will be a collaboration with the infamous ABC fest that will take place in the EKH/Vienna… Do It Together!

Keep an eye on this event to see which bands will play and other interesting stuff that will take place.

If you have ideas, thoughts,infostands, suggestions or wanna help out please email:



Location and space

Here’s some info on the place where the fest is gonna be. Please read what we as a collective stated. It is everyone’s responsibility to make our places and this festival a comfortable and safe place to be at.

De Onderbroek is a legalized squat that was squatted in ’84 and after a lot of hard work and effort was legalized in 2009.

We are a collectively organized space and have a steady group of people that takes care of the basic infrastructure through a meeting which is held twice a month. Everyone that is involved and doing work is doing so on a voluntary basis, please respect that and always feel welcome to get involved.

We do our best to create an atmosphere and space where people feel welcome and safe and can be whoever they want to be. We do not tolerate any form of oppression like racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, genderphobia etc. If nevertheless you feel unsafe or see situations around you that make you feel uncomfortable/unsafe please let us know at the bar, door or let people know that are connected to De Onderbroek.


De Onderbroek is a self supporting venue. We don’t get external money from the state.

Our prices are low and flexible so people with different financial situations and backgrounds can get in. Our target prices for a show is 5 euros which will cover the expenses for the band that is on tour, we do encourage people to pay our suggested 7 euro soli-price, this will keep the place running and will provide us at De Onderbroek some money for maintenance and to keep this awesome space going.