Fundraiser for Palestine: Klinker Palestinian Eetcafe

Fundraiser for Palestine: Klinker Palestinian Eetcafe

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Date(s) - vr 23 februari
17:00 - 22:00

De Klinker



Hiiiy everyone!

23 February we have planned a huge charity event for Palestine in the Klinker (from 17:00 to 22:00 +/-) and the OB from (22:00 to 06:00). All the Money that is raised will be donated to the Palestinian Medical Relief Fund. PMS Provides health services to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, which helps the latter area for which it is of immense importance due to the bombing of public infrastructure (Schools, Universities, Hospitals, etc) by the IDF. Donate all that you can miss, it is vital for people’s survival.

Back to the program of the day. In Short, We start with an authentic meal and speakers in the Klinker and maybe some extra surprises, and then we continue the evening/night in the OB. The First part of the night will be mostly energetic skatepunk and beer-throwing nonsense, and in the last part, we will have some DJs that make you wish you could buckle down. They will make you dance, fist-pump, and get your body grooving until sunset.

We can’t do it without your help, so come to the party and donate what you can miss;)

Schedule Klinker
17:00:    De Klinker program speeches and more surprises
19:00:    Meal
22:00:+/– Closing depending on volunteers

Schedule Onderbroek: Bands
21:30:    Onderbroek (door open)
22:00:    Smashed Out (Fast and catchy, typical Southern California melodic 90’s skatepunk.)
23:00:    Question Mark (Skate punk)

Schedule Onderbroek: Afterparty Dj’s Rave Train
They will bring their bouncing throbbing beats and let you taf home

00:00:   Sistah G (Ghettotech, Rave, Bootyhouse, Bass)
01:30:   DJ Trap (UK Garagem Bass, House, Breaks)
03:00:   DJ Ananas (Rave, Happy hardcore, Breaks)
04:30:   Harmonic Raves B2B (onder voorbehoud)

donations: cash, please.