Non-violence Resistance and the military oppression in Thailand

Non-violence Resistance and the military oppression in Thailand

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Date(s) - di 24 oktober
19:00 - 21:00

De Klinker


Human rights violation, power abuse and institutionalised violence…facts that provoke indignation and repugnance in us. But how do we rebel against cruelty and authoritarianism without performing similar violence through our words and attitudes? How do we stand up for peace and justice? How to handle conflicts without losing yourself?

In this meeting we will learn from a case of nonviolent resistance against the military oppression in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand.


  • Monk LP Sander, a Dutch citizen currently residing in the Dhammakaya Temple in the Netherlands. He was in the Temple in Bangkok when the occupation started and he was unable to return home during the three weeks of locked gates and military oppression.
  • Monk LP John, a visiting teaching monk from Thailand.

Learn how monks managed to handle the occupation peacefully. We invite you to debate with us which aspects of this story can apply to your own cases of struggles or activism.

Participation is free. Donations are welcome.

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We ask to not consume alcohol or other intoxicants during the event, as an act of respect to the monks.