Power to the Pigeon – The Grand Openingsborrel

Power to the Pigeon – The Grand Openingsborrel

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Date(s) - za 4 februari
14:00 - 16:00

De Klinker


**Come to our opening during Dagcafé De Klinker!**
Power to the Pigeon is a new alternative language school in Nijmegen. Its offspring is the desire to tackle learning differently, to make it more horizontal and to embed it into the learner’s personal and the world’s politcal and social context. Learning is fun! Learning matters! There are no stupid questions!

On this day, we want to
x celebrate
x present ourselves and get to know each other
x give you an idea and insight into the first course, which is a learning German mixed with DIY skills. It starts on the 2nd of febuary (more info and enrolment: https://powertothepigeon.wordpress.com/deutsch-it-yourself/)
x taste a wide selection of hot drinks
x connect with people who would like to become teachers at PTTP for other languages or would like to join the language school in other ways

You can read more about us, who we are and what inspired us on our website: www.powertothepigeon.nl

Invite your friends and help us by sharing the idea via all your favourite social media channels.

Thanky you and see you soon!