Queer-feminist Dagcafe: No Border Camp & Abolish Frontex campaign

Queer-feminist Dagcafe: No Border Camp & Abolish Frontex campaign

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Date(s) - zo 10 juli
12:00 - 16:00

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This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of the month, which means: Queer-Feminist Dagcafe at the Klinker!!!

On the 10th of July there is going to be a talk about @nobordernl camp and @abolishfrontex campaign.

This summer there will be a No Border Camp, somewhere in the Netherlands. A week of actions, networking, meetings and discussions about all aspects of repressive migration policies – detention of refugees, racist border controls, deportations, militarization of borders, exploitation of migrant workers, etc. – and the connections with other areas of struggle, such as climate, anti-racism and anti-militarism. The international Abolish Frontex campaign is an important spearhead for the camp.

The Queer-feminist Dagcafe is an open space to chat, eat cake, laugh, cuddle, dream, and plan our next steps to tear down the patriarchy. We are committed to fight racism and discrimination of all kinds and invite women in all their multiplicity, as well as non-binary humans, unicorns and everybody else who joins us in the abolition of heteronormativity, sexism and the patriarchy.