Sleep Kit (de/nl), The Daydream Fit & Udarnik

Sleep Kit (de/nl), The Daydream Fit & Udarnik

Kaart wordt geladen...

Date(s) - vr 26 februari - za 27 februari
20:00 - 04:00

De Onderbroek


Rope or Guillotine is here to give you 3 A – mazing bands!
its like being in the 90s!

Sleep Kit

All the way from Maastricht and Cologne (1,5 hour drive) they will play an amazing punk and slightly indie set for you.
just got a record out and touring the planet.
FFO: Pedro the lion/ 90s guitar punk

The Daydream Fit

this 4 piece from Twente and Utrecht makes amazing shoegaze post punk and all catchy as hell.


Really good! Really local..theyve been playing for quite a while now! and only a hand full of shows in De Onderbroek.Militant implosive noiserock!

After the show there will be a top notch indie/wave disco by the one and only DJ COSY!

The afterparty will be a benefit for Warsztat a new independent social and cultural center in Krakow.

Warsztat is an independent social and cultural center, managed in a
bottom-up, collective manner. It’s main area of activity is to promote
independent culture and the community’s involvement in local affairs.
We want to create an alternative for people tired of institutionalized
cultural centers and places where the main objective is to make money.
We also believe that Cracow needs a place that will be home to the whole
spectrum of different initiatives involved socially in our area.

The idea for the establishment of a center which combines culture and
activism has been circulating in Cracow for a long time. Over the years,
there have been several attempts to transform abandoned buildings in the
area, into independent sociocultural environments, but each time it was met
with hysterical reactions of municipal authorities. For instance, the last
time peaceful activists who were renovating one the mentioned abandoned
buildings, were treated as if they were criminals, and have been met with
armed police services as a response.
During one of those evictions the city officials ensured, that the
activists would be given a building for their sociocultural profile of
activism, if those would abandon squatting, and instead would establish an
organization capable to sign an agreement with the city.
We decided to check whether the statements made by officials are
At this point, the Foundation Bruk was established.
Unsurprisingly, during the following talks with city officials we found
out, that their previous promises differed from the official proposition we
have been given.
We resigned from their “help”, and took part in a normal auction for
municipal premises.
As you can see, the whole thing ended successfully and we were able to
acquire the building at the address Zabłocie 9A / 9B.
This will be the first non-profit cultural center in the history of
Cracow, managed in a completely independent, grassroots movement manner.
Importantly, the mission of the center is not only promoting independent
culture, but also to promote social engagement in local affairs.
Unfortunately, the technical condition of the building leave a lot to be
Before we can start any activity, we must first carry out some major
repairs. Currently we do not have any heating system. Warsztat is currently
also not connected to the electrical grid, as the electrical installation
has been scavenged when the last tenants of the building have moved out
over a year ago. We have just started to renovate the building on our own,
and the first bricks have already filled the missing spots in our walls!

What is our mission?
In Cracow, there are many valuable initiatives facing the same problem,
which is the lack of space that would provide conditions that meet their
specific requirements.
We, as Warsztat, want to create a space open to a broad range of social
activities and cultural events.

We want to create:
– a meeting place for individuals, informal groups and NGOs that do not
have their own place, and usually must meet in pubs or private homes;
– a space that enables live alternative music shows,
– a place where underground theater groups can practice and perform,
– a practice room for a wide range of bands and musicians,
– a fitness room and gym, with amateur combat sports and self-defense
– a kitchen for Cracows Food Not Bombs collective – an international
charity focused on distributing warm, vegan meals during late autumn,
winter and early spring, for all those in need.

The concept of Warsztat is supposed to remain open for changes and new
Anyone who is interested in creating and shaping this space is welcome!