The radically Present Activist – discussion evening

The radically Present Activist – discussion evening

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Date(s) - vr 30 maart
20:00 - 22:00

De Klinker


“It shouldn’t be a secret that historically marginalized communities and peoples are deeply traumatized right now. Each day there are new threats impacting the wellbeing of communities all over the world. This is part of systematic historical oppression that we have been subjected to for centuries. How do we continue our strategies of resistance, self-care, and liberation? How do we redefine a social liberation that is inclusive to all people while speaking to our various understandings of spiritual liberation? Most importantly how can we engage in liberatory struggle without apology?

Radical presence is about being firmly seated in awareness of our intersectionality, actively and directly interrogating the ways in which systems of power encourage us to dominate other persons, other communities, or aspects of our own experiences. Radical presence is about being authentic—being authentically in our bodies, with no intention to police ourselves, to dominate others, or to change something. Just being at home in our bodies, being okay with our bodies, and being in a place where we’re simply interacting with others around us as clearly and directly as possible. This is possible by becoming more aware of the ways in which we created violence for others, through my unawareness of the interplay of power and privilege in our intersectional identities. For activist communities, this is so important because if our communities aren’t ground in intersectionality, then we cannot be inclusive communities.”

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Zoals je gemerkt hebt, is de beschrijving van de avond in het Engels; het is dus handig als je een beetje kennis hebt van de Engelse taal. Waar nodig kun je gewoon vragen stellen, dan worden begrippen of stukjes tekst even in het Nederlands vertaald.