The Yes Man Fix The World

The Yes Man Fix The World

Kaart wordt geladen...

Date(s) - wo 28 september
20:00 - 22:30

De Klinker


Wikipedia calls the two guys behind ‘The Yes Men’ “culture jamming activists”. Sounds like a cool thing to investigate. They do big media actions with witty tactics. And actually have pretty good outcomes.

In June 2012 for example, the Yes Men collaborated with Greenpeace and members of the Occupy Seattle movement to create, a parody website criticizing Shell Oil’s drilling activities in the arctic circle. The website launch was commemorated by a fake launch party held in the Seattle Space Needle. Shell Oil disavowed any affiliation with the website or the launch party on June 14, 2012. [Wikipedia]

We will watch the “Yes Man Fix The World” (2009).
Afterwards, we keep the Klinker bar opened to hang & chat.