Tunisian Eetcafé

Tunisian Eetcafé

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Date(s) - za 9 september
17:30 - 23:00

De Klinker


We welcome you to the biweekly Klinker Eetcafé. Under the supervision of our Tunisian friend Hamdi a traditional and Mediterranean meal will be served. His passion and love for food is noticeable in the flavor packed dishes that he will present. Fennel seeds, coriander, harissa, lemon, and a generous dash of olive oil accompanied by homemade bread will form the base of the evening.

Ummak huriyya 3,99
Mechouia 5,50
M’hamsa 8,99
Jwajem 3,99
Homemade Lemon-ade 2,00

All dishes can be ordered separately. The volume of the dish will be larger. The combi-menu is 15 euros for bread, a salad (Ummak huriyya or Mechouia), main course and Jwajem.

You can make a reservation by calling us on (024 360 5208) on Saturday from 14:00 on