Zomerstop / summerbreak (- 18 augustus)

(Eerst Nederlands, then English)
Beste mensen. Nou, we zijn al met zomerstop. Tot/met 18 augustus zijn we gesloten. Daarna gaan we je weer verwelkomen, heel hartelijk, als gast, of als vrijwilliger in de Klinker? We horen het graag als je ons lievelingsplek van Doe Het Zelf cultuur mee vorm wil geven. Stuur ons liefst even een mail naar deklinkernmgn (@) gmail.com

We wensen je een fijne zomer!
PS: excuses voor de programma hier op de web-pagina, wat soms werkt, soms niet. We zijn ermee bezig dit te verbeteren! Ondertussen kom je best op Facebook terecht om op de hoogte te blijven.


Now in English:
Dear people. We are already in the summerbreak, in which we’ll be closed until 18th of August. After we’ll welcome you again, wholeheartedly, as a guest or as a volunteer in the Klinker? It’s nice if you want to come and join us, to shape our favourite DIY center! Just pop us a mail to deklinkernmgn (@) gmail.com.

We wish you a nice summer!
PS: sorry for the confusing events-section here on the web page. You might have noticed, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t. We are working on solving this technical problem! In the meantime, it’s best to have a look at the Facebook page.

Medehuurder voor kantoor gezoekt

De Broeikas is op zoek naar een (non profit) organisatie die
samen met haar een ruimte wil huren in de Grote Broek.
De kosten zijn ca. €60,- per maand en in overleg kan er
ook gebruik worden gemaakt van een aantal al aanwezige
De ruimte is gelegen aan de 2e Walstraat in het centrum van
Nijmegen en heeft een etalage aan de straat. Er is geen directe
ingang vanaf de straat. De ruimte telt ruim 20m2.
Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich melden bij de Broeikas: info[at]debroeikasnijmegen.nl.

Horizontal language learning that empowers for social change now in Nijmegen

**Come to our opening during Dagcafé De Klinker! It’s on Saturday, 4th of February, 14.00**
Power to the Pigeon is a new alternative language school in Nijmegen. Its offspring is the desire to tackle learning differently, to make it more horizontal and to embed it into the learner’s personal and the world’s politcal and social context. Learning is fun! Learning matters! There are no stupid questions!

On this day, we want to
x celebrate
x present ourselves and get to know each other
x give you an idea and insight into the first course, which is a learning German mixed with DIY skills. It starts on the 2nd of february (more info and enrollment: https://powertothepigeon.wordpress.com/deutsch-it-yourself/)
x taste a wide selection of hot drinks (Glühwein! Chai tea! Punsch!)
x connect with people who would like to become teachers at PTTP for other languages or would like to join the language school in other ways

You can read more about us, who we are and what inspired us on our website: www.powertothepigeon.nl

Invite your friends and help us by sharing the idea via all your favourite social media channels.

Thank you and see you soon!

Gelukkig nieuwjaar/ borrel 8 januari / nieuwe expositie

(EN below) Een gelukkig nieuwjaar!
De Klinker is tijdens de DIY & schoonmaakdagen weer mooi schoongemaakt. In het nieuwe jaar zijn jullie allemaal welkom voor lekker veganistisch eten en een schitterend programma. Er hangt een nieuwe expositie aan de muur die je MOET komen bekijken.

Kom op 8 Januari vanaf 16.00 tot 18.00 gezellig borrelen in de Klinker! Lekker borrelen, napraten, nieuwe plannen bedenken, oude plannen bespreken, bier en thee drinken met je kompanen. En er is zowaar een protocol presentatie.
Tot Snel


Happy new year! During the DIY and cleaning days the Klinker was made pretty again. And in the new year all of you are welcome again for a great program and nice vegan food. There’s a new exposition on the wall that you HAVE TO come and see.

Come to our our New year get together on January the 8th in the Klinker (16-18 hrs). Have a chat, tea, beer and conversations about old and new plans… and there will be a protocol presentation.
See you soon!

Projekt A documentary in monthly flyer

On Friday we screen Projekt A at 19.00 in the Klinker. In the maandflyer, a shortened description of the movie was printed, which is misleading.

We don’t nail down what anarchism is. In this way, the monthly flyer is does not represent our point of view- it is a part of the movie’s self-discription that came to stand alone in an unfortunate way.

It will be interesting to see what the movie shows us. We look forward to a critical discussion!

Come round to watch the movie and join the discussion. We’re happy that Hanna Poddig will be with us!
Your Onderbelicht Collective

See here the unshortened description as it stands on the FB page of Projekt A:

“Projekt A is a documentary about the political idea of anarchism and its concrete implementation in very different projects. During a very exciting trip all around Europe, the documentarists Marcel Seehuber & Moritz Springer are visting, among other locations, the “International anarchistic meeting” in St. Imier, Switzerland (more than 3,000 participnats), the anti-nuclear power activist Hanna Poddig, the anarcho-syndicalist labor union “Confederacion General del Trabajo” in Barcelona, the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, the occupied parking lot “Parko Narvarinou in Athens, which is now used as a public park, and the very successful “Kartoffelkombinat” from Munich.
Protagonists of a very multifarious, anarchy-inspired movement will speak out.

The documentary shows what anarchism really is, beyond the stereotypes of stone-throwing rioters. The anarchists appearing in this documentary want to work for a constructive, to the most part emancipated from the state, development of society and the ways we live together.”


Hello October! // Nederlands hieronder

We’ve got some nice new things to do in the Klinker. On Saturdays, dagcafé is open again regularly from 12:00 till 16:00. That means delicious vegan cakes, coffee and meeting friends. At the same time the Anarchist library de Zwarte Uil is opened.

Next to that, on Thursday, you can now check into the Klinker between 13:30 and 17:30 to the Social Workspace. Bring your laptop, your pencil, your cat if you prefer to work in company. Coffee & tea are cheap, WiFi is free.

And for the rest, we keep on eating at soupcafé, Mulawan and Eetcafé. We watch movies after soupcafé, we have important info evenings, meetings with justPeople and revolutionary parties at the Onderbroek.

Get involved & check the monthly flyer!

Hallo October, sorry voor een niet perfecte Nederlands,

we hebben leuke nieuwe dingen te doen in October!

Zaterdag is Dagcafé weer wekelijks open met koffie, thee en taart! Dagcafé is tegelijkertijd open met de anarchistische bibliotheek de Zwarte Uil, zodat je samen met Goldman, Chomsky en vele anderen een stukje taart kan eten en bij kan kletsen.

Dan kan je op donderdag tussen  13:30 en 17:30 naar de Klinker toe komen om met andere mensen samen te werken. Neem je computer, je kat en je pen mee en drink een goedkope koffie of thee. Wifi is gratis.

Dus, we gaan lekker door met eten bij soepcafé, Mulawan en eetcafé. We gaan filmpjes kijken na soepcafé, we hebben belangrijke info avonden, treffen met justPeople en revolutionaire feestjes in de Onderbroek.

Doe mee & bekijk de maandflyer!

maandflyer OKTOBER

Kick-off cinema in the Klinker! Next movie soon!

!!!Our next screening is at wednesday 28th, 20:00 @ De Klinker (more info)!!!disobedience

The first movie screening since long time was a great evening. Although it was hot inside and outside of the Klinker the cinema was packed with people. We kicked off this new regular screening (every second Wednesday after soupcafé) with DISOBEDIENCE – a movie about climate change and brave people that resist big industry polluters all over the world.

The movie showed activists from Turkey, Germany, Canada, the United States and many more places. All in all, it became clear that people are resisting everywhere and that even small actions can disrupt and stop the systemic exploitation of the earth’s resources. We are not defending nature, we are nature defending itself. And a lot of people put their body on the lines, until here and no further.



berendonckAfterwards we discussed about the possibilities of local actions. Are there big polluters here, is there an industry that we can fight in the name of a better future? Pretty fast the discussion moved towards the Berendonck, a near recreational area that is facing destruction. A lot of trees, meadows and lakes have to make place for a mega-sauna and 800 parking lots.

There is a clear need for resistance here and the people that are active ask for support. Although a lot of people are dedicated they need more support, skills, connections and skills. If you want to help just visit them on their page Vrienden van den Berendonck (and Facebook) or go to the regular meetings every Wednesday.

For anybody who is interested in environmental activism we can also strongly recommend the GroenFront! collective. Check out their website (www.groenfront.nl) or attend one of their monthly meetings (every first sunday of the month.



Our next screening will be next week after soupcafé at 20:00 in the Klinker. We will show THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD (click here) – a great example of creative activism that really leaves the powerful speechless. After the movie the bar will still be open for a bit.

We zijn terug van de zomerstop met Mulawan vanavond en eetcafé op zondag!

Tonight De Klinker awakes form a refreshing summer break with Mulawan’s solidarity deliciousness. Come round to this nice event- or we see each other on Sunday for eetcafé?

Futhermore we have a lof of nice infotalks and music coming up in September, keep your eyes peeled for more information here on the site.


Vanavond in de Klinker: Mulawan! Bel nu om te reserveren: 024-3605208.

Morgen (zaterdag) zijn we een dagje dicht, maar zondag wordt er weer gekookt en kan er om 19:00u genoten worden van een 3-gangen vegan bio maaltijd voor 6 euro! Bel om te reserveren vandaag óf zondag na 15:00u naar bovenstaand nummer.

Verder hebben we veele leuke info talks en muziek geplanned voor september, houdt de website in de gaten voor meer info’s.