Komatsu, Bismut

Komatsu, Bismut

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Date(s) - vr 15 september - za 16 september
21:00 - 01:00

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Met trots presenteren we met D&ESR de vaandeldragers van Eindhoven Rockcity, Komatsu!

Komatsu (NL)

Komatsu is a super-massive rock band from Eindhoven, the rock capital of the Netherlands. Their music is a mix of sludge, stoner rock and metal. Komatsu is praised for their live performances. The press writes:

“A Komatsu show will let the ground shake and gets your attention from start to finish. It is truly an eargasm for the trained listener. At a live show Komatsu grabs your throat and then not let go.”

Bismut (NL)

De support wordt verzorgd door het Nijmeegse Bismut: From the ashes of Nijmegens finest rockbands Bandito, Emperors and Geiser arose Bismut. After inexhaustible jamming was chosen to be a band. Bismut is a heavy instrumental trio and plays psychedelic desert metal

Entree is €5 tot €7 euro

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