MUTE 26 – Feryne’s Hoortest w/ Foresense, Generate, Marric E.A.

MUTE 26 – Feryne’s Hoortest w/ Foresense, Generate, Marric E.A.

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Date(s) - za 26 oktober - zo 27 oktober
23:59 - 05:00

De Onderbroek


A good old schizofrenic mix of styles, in two rooms: We got “Ambient Techno” , “IDM”, “Braindance”, “Electronica”. And some “Techno”, “Acid”, “Euro dance”, “Hardcore”, “Disco”. I know, usually if a restaurant offers Italian, Mexican & Indian food it’s not going to be great BUT with Mute this is not the case. Trust me.


I can’t really remember the exact time when I first heard Feryne’s mixes but I do remember that I enjoyed them a lot. And that I always thought that I should ask her if she wants to play at Mute. Never really happened. But then I noticed her in the crowd at Mute 25, being super enthusiastic about the music of Breek. We chatted a bit afterwards and I was finally able to ask. She wanted too. Then I asked her if she had people in mind who she would like to play with. She did. Result: truly one of the nicestsestst lineups we’ve ever had.


Room 1
Lineup: Generate (Live), Foresense (Live), Marric (Live), Feryne (DJ).

Room 2
MacGyver 2.0 (DJ), Bau Douin (DJ), Warung Oneiro (DJ)

And visuals, lasers + a selection of fruits and snacks all over the place.






MacGyver 2.0