Projekt A documentary in monthly flyer

Projekt A documentary in monthly flyer

On Friday we screen Projekt A at 19.00 in the Klinker. In the maandflyer, a shortened description of the movie was printed, which is misleading.

We don’t nail down what anarchism is. In this way, the monthly flyer is does not represent our point of view- it is a part of the movie’s self-discription that came to stand alone in an unfortunate way.

It will be interesting to see what the movie shows us. We look forward to a critical discussion!

Come round to watch the movie and join the discussion. We’re happy that Hanna Poddig will be with us!
Your Onderbelicht Collective

See here the unshortened description as it stands on the FB page of Projekt A:

“Projekt A is a documentary about the political idea of anarchism and its concrete implementation in very different projects. During a very exciting trip all around Europe, the documentarists Marcel Seehuber & Moritz Springer are visting, among other locations, the “International anarchistic meeting” in St. Imier, Switzerland (more than 3,000 participnats), the anti-nuclear power activist Hanna Poddig, the anarcho-syndicalist labor union “Confederacion General del Trabajo” in Barcelona, the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, the occupied parking lot “Parko Narvarinou in Athens, which is now used as a public park, and the very successful “Kartoffelkombinat” from Munich.
Protagonists of a very multifarious, anarchy-inspired movement will speak out.

The documentary shows what anarchism really is, beyond the stereotypes of stone-throwing rioters. The anarchists appearing in this documentary want to work for a constructive, to the most part emancipated from the state, development of society and the ways we live together.”